the 366

The War Memorial at the Airfield pays tribute to 366 U.S.A.A.F. servicemen who died serving from Old Buckenham during the war.

The 453rd, in fact, lost at least 390 during the war. This list details those who died, as well as the aircraft and date and includes those who perished in training accidents and during a flight from the U.S. to Old Buckenham. We are very grateful to Robert Rumsby for providing this updated list.


A Memorial to them all will form part of the Museum.

SGT  William Action 734th Squadron

SSGT  Robert Adkins 734th Squadron

SGT  Henry Allen 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Eldridge Amburn 734th Squadron

SGT  Melvin Amtzis 735th Squadron

SSGT  Richard Anderson 733rd Squadron

2LT  Russell Anderson 732nd Squadron

2LT  Ralph Andrew 734th Squadron

2LT  Carroll Archibald 732nd Squadron

CAPT  George Baatz 732nd Squadron

SGT  Joseph Baiocchi 732nd Squadron

2LT  Barrett Baker 733rd Squadron

SGT  Henry Ball 734th Squadron

SGT  Elmo Barnhill 732nd Squadron

1LT  Harry Bartolomew 732nd Squadron

1LT  Bill Basik 735th Squadron

SSGT  Roger Batchelder 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Valmore Bedard 734th Squadron

TSGT  Robert Beltz 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Lloyd Bentley 732nd Squadron

1LT  August Bergman 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Melbourne Bey 735th Squadron

1LT  James Bingaman 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Kenneth Blackwell 734th Squadron

2LT  Michael Boehm 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Stephen Bolger 735th Squadron

2LT  William Bolsover 734th Squadron

TSGT  Joe Bonner 735th Squadron

TSGT  Allen Borden 735th Squadron

1LT  Samuel Borenstein 733rd Squadron

SSGT  John Bouldin 734th Squadron

SSGT  Howard Boxman 732nd Squadron

SGT  Jesse Bradshaw 735th Squadron

1LT  Fred Brady 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Frank Bready 734th Squadron

SGT  Edwin Bringardner 735th Squadron

1LT  Roscoe Brown 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Clifford Bryan 733rd Squadron

SGT  Edmund Bull 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert Burgess 734th Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Burns 734th Squadron

SSGT  Robert Burns 734th Squadron

SGT  Loris Burns 734th Squadron

SGT  Paul Byers 734th Squadron

2LT  Radames Caceres 734th Squadron

SSGT  Clinton Caldwell 735th Squadron

2LT  Francis Callahan 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Walter Carmack 733rd Squadron

SSGT  William Carman 734th Squadron

2LT  Charles Carney 735th Squadron

SSGT  William Castle 734th Squadron

SSGT  Raymond Cay 735th Squadron

SSGT  Myron Cetwinski 733rd Squadron

2LT  Walter Chambers 735th Squadron

SSGT  Maurice Chapman 733rd Squadron

TSGT  William Chappell 734th Squadron

2LT  Earle Check 734th Squadron

SGT  William Cheek 735th Squadron

TSGT  Jim Chiancone 735th Squadron

2LT  James Chilcoat 734th Squadron

2LT  Edward Chovancak 733rd Squadron

SGT  Claude Clements 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Olaf Coburn 735th Squadron

1LT  Bertram Coffenberry  732nd Squadron

TSGT  Bruce Coffin 733rd Squadron

MAJ  Curtis Cofield 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Willis Cole 733rd Squadron

SGT  Edgar Connor 734th Squadron

CAPT  Ray Conrad 734th Squadron

TSGT  Grover Conway 735th Squadron

SSGT  James Corban 733rd Squadron

TSGT  James Corwin 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Salvatore Cozza 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert Crall 735th Squadron

2LT  Richard Crown 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Crumpler 733rd Squadron

2LT  Vincent Crupi 735th Squadron

SSGT  Paul Cullinan 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Vernon Cummings 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Peter Cunniff 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Raymond Czeslawski 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Howard Damonte 734th Squadron

2LT  Henry Daniel 734th Squadron

TSGT  Harry Daniels 735th Squadron

TSGT  Leonard Dash 734th Squadron

2LT  Douglas Daupin 734th Squadron

2LT  Royce Davis  Squadron

TSGT  J Davis 734th Squadron

2LT  Samuel Dean 734th Squadron

SGT  Joseph Decusati 732nd Squadron

1LT  Joe DeJarnette 732nd Squadron

SGT  Manuel DeLeon 734th Squadron

SSGT  Vernon DeLeon 734th Squadron

SGT  Earl Dempsey 734th Squadron

TSGT  James Dick 733rd Squadron

SGT  Fred Dieckhoff 734th Squadron

SSGT  Raymond Diederich 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Oren Dierdorf 735th Squadron

SGT  James Dietrich 735th Squadron

2LT  Maurice Dinneen 734th Squadron

2LT  Marvin Dock 733rd Squadron

2LT  Irving Dolin 734th Squadron

FLT O  Morton Donaway 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Fred Doninger 734th Squadron

1LT  Lawrence Duncan 733rd Squadron

2LT  John Durborow 733rd Squadron

2LT  William Easterling 735th Squadron

SSGT  Albert Edgett 734th Squadron

SSGT  Arthur Ege 735th Squadron

SSGT  Lawrence Eicher 733rd Squadron

2LT  Robert Eisenbach  734th Squadron

2LT  Joelbert Ellingson 735th Squadron

2LT  Lewis Ellis 734th Squadron

1LT  James Emerson 734th Squadron

SSGT  Rufus Emmons 733rd Squadron

SGT  Walter England 734th Squadron

SSGT  George Entrikin 734th Squadron

SSGT  Edward Erker 734th Squadron

TSGT  John Eubank 734th Squadron

2LT  Dominic Fallacaro 734th Squadron

TSGT  Charles Farmer 732nd Squadron

2LT  Edward Farrell 732nd Squadron

SGT  Peter Felbarth 734th Squadron

2LT  Edmund Filipiak 733rd Squadron

2LT  Melvin Finkle 732nd Squadron

SGT  Fred Fisher 733rd Squadron

2LT  Roy Flatt 734th Squadron

SGT  James Foster 732nd Squadron

2LT  Carl Franke 735th Squadron

2LT  Warren Freed 734th Squadron

2LT  John Friedhaber 734th Squadron

TSGT  Harrell Fuller 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Joseph Gallagher 734th Squadron

TSGT  Mack Garrett 734th Squadron

1LT  Frank Gengler 734th Squadron

2LT  James Gilbert 733rd Squadron

2LT  Ray Gilbreath 733rd Squadron

SGT  Hiram Gill 734th Squadron

SSGT  Glenn Gilles 734th Squadron

2LT  John Gilligan 735th Squadron

SSGT  Arthur Ginstrom 734th Squadron

2LT  Kyle Goff 733rd Squadron

SSGT  James Golbski 733rd Squadron

2LT  Fred Gordon 734th Squadron

TSGT  William Grady 735th Squadron

TSGT  George Granko 733rd Squadron

SSGT  George Gray 735th Squadron

SSGT  James Green 734th Squadron

SSGT  William Gricas 735th Squadron

2LT  Swan Gustafson 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert Hall 735th Squadron

2LT  Joseph Halliburton 735th Squadron

1LT  James Hamilton 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Granville Hampton 735th Squadron

TSGT  William Hankins 734th Squadron

2LT  Joseph Hannon 734th Squadron

SSGT  Frederick Harbin 734th Squadron

2LT  John Harris 732nd Squadron

SSGT  William Hauser 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Clyde Hawthorne 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Martin Helke 735th Squadron

  James Henderson 734th Squadron

SGT  Clarence Hendricks 735th Squadron

SGT  John Hendricks 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Edward Hensley 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Edwin Hensley 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Alvin Herbert 734th Squadron

SSGT  Kenyon Hills 734th Squadron

2LT  Charles Hitzfield 734th Squadron

2LT  David Hokanson 735th Squadron

1LT  Rowland Holbert 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Robert Holden 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Allison Hooper 733rd Squadron

2LT  Daniel Horgan 735th Squadron

TSGT  Abraham Horn 733rd Squadron

2LT  Matthew House 734th Squadron

SSGT  John Hovenesian 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Charles Hurley 733rd Squadron

TSGT  John Hynes 734th Squadron

SSGT  Louis Indovina 734th Squadron

2LT  Richard Ingram 733rd Squadron

2LT  Carl Isaksen 735th Squadron

1LT  Rodney Ives 734th Squadron

FLT O  David Jacobs 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Sidney Johnson 732nd Squadron

2LT  Earl Johnson 735th Squadron

2LT  James Jones 735th Squadron

SSGT  Willard Jones 732nd Squadron

1LT  Allan Judd 735th Squadron

CPL  John Jurka 734th Squadron

TSGT  Arthur Kaplan 735th Squadron

  Louis Karp 734th Squadron

SSGT  Kenneth Kasitz 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Saul Katz 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Thomas Keathley 735th Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Keefe 734th Squadron

FLT O  Edwin Keefer 734th Squadron

MAJ  Edward Kemp Headquarters Squadron

2LT  Allen Kerschner 735th Squadron

TSGT  Martin Kiner 735th Squadron

1LT  Paul Kloeppel 733rd Squadron

2LT  Harry Klyap 734th Squadron

SSGT  William Koch 735th Squadron

SSGT  Casimir Kulesza 734th Squadron

1LT  George Kuzelka 735th Squadron

SGT  James Labin 734th Squadron

SGT  Adamo Lampassi 735th Squadron

1LT  Arthur Lamy 735th Squadron

SGT  Clyde Larriverre 733rd Squadron

2LT  Willard Larson 734th Squadron

SSGT  Alfred Larson 732nd Squadron

2LT  John Laughlin 734th Squadron

2LT  Donald Lawry 733rd Squadron

SSGT  George Layman 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Lester Layser 735th Squadron

SSGT  Harold Leach 735th Squadron

2LT  William League 735th Squadron

SSGT  Frank LeFever 735th Squadron

SSGT  Josiah Lehman 733rd Squadron

SGT  Harold Leighton 734th Squadron

CAPT  Alvin Lein 735th Squadron

SSGT  Wayne Lillibridge 733rd Squadron

SGT  Frank Litton 734th Squadron

1LT  William Lofton 734th Squadron

SGT  Boyd Logan 735th Squadron

SSGT  Peters Logerfo 733rd Squadron

1LT  Endicott Lovell 735th Squadron

SSGT  Salvatore Luciano 734th Squadron

SSGT  Francis Lueke 734th Squadron

2LT  David MacGowan 735th Squadron

SSGT  John MacKenzie 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Mauriece Mackey 734th Squadron

SSGT  William Martin 735th Squadron

SSGT  Frank Mayer 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert McCook 735th Squadron

2LT  Arthur McCormick 733rd Squadron

2LT  Robert McCormick 734th Squadron

SSGT  John McGue 734th Squadron

2LT  Robert McKee 732nd Squadron

TSGT  James McKee 734th Squadron

2LT  John McKenzie 734th Squadron

TSGT  John McKinney 735th Squadron

2LT  Stephen McNalley 735th Squadron

2LT  Herman Meek 735th Squadron

SSGT  Robert Mercurio 735th Squadron

SGT  Kenneth Merkle 734th Squadron

SSGT  James Meyers 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Joe Milano 735th Squadron

2LT  David Miller 733rd Squadron

1LT  Deam Mills 733rd Squadron

FLT O  Frank Mishaga 733rd Squadron

SSGT  John Mitchell 734th Squadron

2LT  Elmer Mitchell 733rd Squadron

2LT  James Moore 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Darwin Morgan 734th Squadron

TSGT  Thomas Morgan 735th Squadron

TSGT  Lonnie Morris 732nd Squadron

1LT  Cletus Morrow 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Ralph Mourer 732nd Squadron

1LT  James Munsey 735th Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Murray 734th Squadron

SSGT  Jack Myers 735th Squadron

SSGT  Walter Naumoff 735th Squadron

SSGT  Robert Neily  732nd Squadron

2LT  Alfred Neumunz 734th Squadron

SSGT  Don Nichols 734th Squadron

SGT  Donald Nichols 732nd Squadron

2LT  Hans Niichel 732nd Squadron

SGT  Thomas Nolan 734th Squadron

2LT  Elwin Norton 734th Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Nosal 735th Squadron

2LT  Raymond Nurczyk 732nd Squadron

SGT  Thomas O'Kane 734th Squadron

SSGT  Harold Oakes 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Kenneth Olsen 732nd Squadron

2LT  Fred Parker 733rd Squadron

SGT  John Parker 733rd Squadron

SGT  William Parkey 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Thomas Patsey 733rd Squadron

SGT  Robert Perrin 735th Squadron

SSGT  Charles Pessica 734th Squadron

SGT  Milford Peters 735th Squadron

SGT  George Peterson 735th Squadron

2LT  Paul Peterson 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Ellis Pfeifer 734th Squadron

SSGT  James Phillips 735th Squadron

2LT  Don Pierce 734th Squadron

SSGT  James Pittman 734th Squadron

TSGT  James Plicher 734th Squadron

SSGT  Freeman Plyler 735th Squadron

2LT  Leo Poladian 734th Squadron

2LT  Harold Polokoff 733rd Squadron

SGT  Antonio Portella 734th Squadron

2LT  William Powell 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Joseph Prazenica 732nd Squadron

2LT  Robert Prudhon 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Roy Pryor 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Howard Quigley 735th Squadron

SGT  Robert Rakouska 735th Squadron

SSGT  Manuel Ramirez 732nd Squadron

SSGT  James Redman 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Wallace Reed 734th Squadron

SGT  Edward Reintgen 734th Squadron

TSGT  Gwilym Richards 733rd Squadron

SGT  John Richardson 735th Squadron

SGT  Joseph Rilett 734th Squadron

SGT  Herbert Roberts 732nd Squadron

SSGT  McCalvin Robinson 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Donald Robinson 734th Squadron

2LT  Murray Robinson 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Floyd Rogers 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Chaney Rogers 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert Rollins 734th Squadron

SGT  David Rosamond 735th Squadron

SSGT  Charles Ross 733rd Squadron

2LT  Jack Ross 733rd Squadron

SSGT  George Rottle 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Sanford Roy 732nd Squadron

2LT  Malcom Rubin 735th Squadron

2LT  Charles Rudloff 732nd Squadron

TSGT  Robert Salihar 735th Squadron

1LT  Frank Sallee 735th Squadron

2LT  Frederick Sanford 735th Squadron

SGT  Donald Sang 734th Squadron

SSGT  Peter Santora 733rd Squadron

SGT  Bert  Sauls 734th Squadron

2LT  Robert Schmidt 734th Squadron

  Douglas Schmoker 734th Squadron

2LT  Lyle Schroeer 735th Squadron

SSGT  Herbert Schultz 735th Squadron

SSGT  Walton Seed 733rd Squadron

SSGT  James Sharp 734th Squadron

TSGT  John Sherer 734th Squadron

TSGT  Joseph Sills 732nd Squadron

1LT  John Skidgell 734th Squadron

SSGT  Donald Sliff 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Dean Smith 734th Squadron

SSGT  Elmer Soine 734th Squadron

SSGT  John Spies 734th Squadron

2LT  Milton Stanchfield 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Willie Starbuck 734th Squadron

2LT  Ernest Stathes 734th Squadron

SGT  Dewey Steele 735th Squadron

2LT  Martin Stern 735th Squadron

2LT  Robert Stevenson 734th Squadron

SGT  Chester Stock 732nd Squadron

2LT  Lee Streeter 733rd Squadron

1LT  Max Stump 733rd Squadron

TSGT  Henry Surowiec 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Godfrey Suter 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Maurice Swan 734th Squadron

1LT  Robert Swigert 734th Squadron

SSGT  Walter Thomas 735th Squadron

1LT  Patrick Tobin 733rd Squadron

2LT  Charles Todd 732nd Squadron

SGT  Carl Toll 734th Squadron

2LT  Barney Townsend 734th Squadron

SSGT  Eugene Trapani 733rd Squadron

SGT  Reginald Truax 735th Squadron

1LT  Francis Tye 734th Squadron

SGT  James Tyree 734th Squadron

2LT  Norbert Urschalitz 734th Squadron

2LT  Vanig Vartanian 735th Squadron

SSGT  Jose Villalobos 733rd Squadron

SGT  Frank Vince 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Quinto Vittori 732nd Squadron

2LT  Thomas Volkman 732nd Squadron

SSGT  James Walker 734th Squadron

2LT  David Wallace 733rd Squadron

2LT  Russell Ward 735th Squadron

TSGT  Vernon Warner 735th Squadron

2LT  Harold Warnke 732nd Squadron

2LT  Walter Watson 735th Squadron

SSGT  John Watson 735th Squadron

SSGT  Lawrence Watts 735th Squadron

MSGT  Elton Webber 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Roy Weidlich 735th Squadron

1LT  Jay Wells 735th Squadron

TSGT  Trall Wertz 733rd Squadron

2LT  James Wheeler 734th Squadron

2LT  Arthur White 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Calvert Whitehurst 733rd Squadron

SSGT  Albert Whitus 734th Squadron

TSGT  Robert Williams 733rd Squadron

SGT  Hubert Williams 734th Squadron

SSGT  Billy Williamson 733rd Squadron

2LT  Edward Wolbers 734th Squadron

SSGT  Donald Wright 735th Squadron

SSGT  Hubert Yeary 732nd Squadron

SSGT  Gerald Yoder 734th Squadron

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