veterans & relatives

Every year we are delighted to welcome both USAAF veterans and their relatives to Old Buckenham.

We are always available to assist anyone planning a trip from the U.S. to see

Old Buckenham, whether individuals or groups such as the Heritage League.

There is a lot at Old Buckenham to show the veterans that their service and the sacrifice of their friends is the subject of unending gratitude.


We have been lucky enough to meet several veterans who have  come back to see their former base. Their numbers have been added to by dozens of their relatives and descendants.


A trip to Old Buckenham is now enhanced by the new museum, but we are also only too pleased to arrange individual tours of areas that the public cannot access, including several wartime buildings and a group of perfectly preserved blast shelters. We can also offer advice on where to stay and what else to see in the local area, along with mundane matters such as how to get to the airfield.


Please get in contact by clicking here and we'll be delighted to make time available to show you Old Buckenham, both past and present.


The 453rd Bombardment Group Museum. The Pat Ramm Building, Old Buckenham Airfield, Abbey Road, Old Buckenham, Norfolk, NR17 1PU, UK

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